For the longest time I was using bowls and washed them 2-3 times a day.  I learned that they were still going to get bacteria even though I did not particularly have soup makers so I switched to the Bird Butler watering system.

The Bird Butler is the most sanitary, self contained system available.  Contrary to other water bottles out there it’s spout is very short leaving much less opportunity for undesirables to grow.  It is available in many sizes/strengths to accommodate from your smallest canary all the way up to your largest hyacinth macaw.

For my parrots I got the stainless steel model.  I prefer the 16oz size and top it off with fresh water daily.  Every few days I give it a good scrub and sanitization.  In order to clean I have the handy bottle scrubber which you can purchase at the same site.  I also grabbed a brand new, unused tooth brush.  I marked it clearly for birds and store it where it wouldn’t accidentally be used for anything else.  You can see a tooth brush is a perfect way to get that valve clean.  Today I am using Pet Focus.  A product called F10 is even better.

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