Proud Announcement: BIG FOOT FOODIE!

myParrotopia is proud to announce our featured product, BIG FOOT FOODIE – Big Chunk Food for our Big Butt Birds!!! Fully Nutritious – Fresh Food Alternative – Freeze Dried Produce.  Finally a full nutrition, healthy product, big enough for them to pick up!

This is a great product for those who do not have the time to chop fresh food every morning.  It can be used dry or re-hydrated.  Maybe you are like me and want to make your own pellet mix?  I mix DAILY FLOCK BLEND with my pellets in the evening to make my own dry bird mix.  Maybe you are going on vacation and want to leave the babysitter with an easier option?  Maybe you are taking the birds with you and don’t want to travel with many coolers?

The DAILY FLOCK BLEND is designed to be a lower energy food.  Remember our birds are not out there flying around miles and miles a day foraging for food and burning out their energy.  Many behavior issues are caused by incorrect diet.  A low energy diet will be a significant factor in a better-behaved bird.


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