*** PHASE #1 ***

myParrotopia has been VERY busy the last few months resolving our growing pains!  Phase one is, for all practical purposes, complete.  We have moved all but one of the existing machines out of the house to a new location.  A mega amount of processing power has been added.  Although not yet fully complete we have gotten our environmental issues under control.  What is not yet finished won’t adversely affect our processing at this time.

Photos will follow when all the tools are removed, shelves are completely organized and the little decorating is done in the entrance.  Anyone who knows me knows things need to look just so and be fully organized.

We are very busy building inventory and filling orders.  Delays may occur, in some cases as we work things out, but they will subside.  My goal is to have enough bagged inventory to avoid power and produce challenges.  At this moment ALL machines are running and all refrigerators are packed with produce!  As I feel better about my inventory I will begin adding more “Big Foot Foodie” items!

PHASE ONE HAS PUT US IN THE POSITION OF BEING THE LARGEST AVIAN FREEZE DRY SHOP!  A couple of additional phases are already scheduled.  This location was chosen to allow growth beyond what has already been put in place.

Thank you to all that have supported our growth and to everyone for your patience this last couple of months!!!

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