VARIETY is Important!

An important part of our responsibility as parrot keepers is to keep their lives full of enrichment opportunities.  One of the first things we think of, naturally, are with a variety of appropriate toys.  Not to be forgotten, and maybe even more important, is variety in their diet.  I say “more important” because diet is the foundation of life.  Without an appropriately healthy diet they won’t standing on the right side of the perch long enough to fully enjoy a wonderful variety of toys.

Only give them what is good, healthy and appropriate for their activity level.  Make every bite count for nutrition.  They will never be able to expand their dietary interests if you are not providing the options so keep giving what is good – they will eat it eventually.  Vary colors, textures and choices.  For instance, vary what greens you give.  Don’t always offer the same 2-3 fruits.  Make the food bowl look fun and exciting.  The parrot’s meal should be an enrichment opportunity in itself where they eat with enthusiasm and curiosity. 

I have found in my own flock that the more I offer variety the better they eat!  If your bird is new to variety and a little hesitant don’t be discouraged – they will come around.  Take advantage of a good eater in your flock.  Position the good eater where the less adventurous one can see him/her eat.  Show your bird how yummy the good foodie is by taking a taste yourself.  Be patient, don’t hover and worry, offer what you want them to eat.  More often than not mine will return to their food bowls when the see us sitting for our meals.

So, enjoy your avian food prep, re-evaluate once in a while and don’t let the bowl get boring.  The more we keep their attention the healthier they will be!

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