Great Success!

I’m having great success with BB’s Calming Tea Nuggets with my flock.  Between hormone time, wacky weather and considerably less exercise, due to our winters here, I do use natural calming aids to take the edge off this time of year.  My flock is also on a nutritious low energy diet.  In the morning I may sprinkle ground BB’s Calming Tea on their fresh food.  In the evening I serve a few pellets, some nuts and Big Foot Foodie.  I’ve been giving some birds a  BB’s Calming Tea Nugget in their dish.  By morning the entire nugget is eaten!  This means that they are getting much more of the herbs than when I sprinkle it on their morning food AND I can see the effect.  If you are feeling the need to use a calming aid give these a try!  Go to BB Calm


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