“I just wanted to say I received my box today. Snuggles and I are really excited. Snuggles tries a couple things as soon as I opened the box and gives her stamp of approval! Thank you!”

Cheryl Cencich

“I just received my order and my grey loves the food! He’s so picky that it’s wonderful to see him dig in and enjoy. I feel better knowing he’s getting the nutrition he needs. Thank you! Will definitely order again!”

Cherie Vergini

Reuben gets very excited when he sees the big gold bag!

Reuben, Big Foot Foodie LOVER!

“Not only is this product exemplary in quality, Bonnie has done a wonderful job in covering many bases with so many good food sources.  I use this a lot when I’m in a rush or don’t have time to hunt down & cut up every imaginable goodness for my birds.  I add it along with some fresh on hand and actually break into small pieces and rehydrate for my sugar gliders as I don’t always have so much variety of veggies & fresh fruits on hand for them, it’s a wonderful product, everyone loves it, I’m so happy I have it in my cupboard to enhance and add to regular feedings!”


Jeanie Rheinheimer, Former HY Breeder

Ringo & Friends enjoying Big Foot Foodie!

“Hi Bonnie, Thanks so much for such a fast turnaround on our order! 2 days shipping? That’s amazing! Everything is in good shape – no broken pieces or anything. I have to tell you, I am really impressed with the Big Foot Foodie Daily Flock Blend. I run a parrot rescue here, and as you can imagine converting rescues to fresh is not always the easiest thing to do. I wanted to give this a try to see if I could get the birds who refuse fresh to try this. It’s been a smashing success. It always helps when I can take a bite first to show them that it’s acceptable to me to eat, and after doing so, every single bird here accepted the blend. The macaws were the most excited, yelling MMMM! In the attached video, you can actually see Phoenix, my Greenwing Macaw enjoying it, and then turning around to shield it away from me to protect it. LOL What a great product. Thank you!”

Shannon Boehmer Kramer, Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab

“My birds love this FD chop!  They dig in every time I put it in their bowls.  I love the fresh smell when I open the bag.  If you don’t have time to feed fresh this is definitely the way to go”


Dawn Graham, Birdie Box Bird Toys

“Best freeze dried food for large parrots on the market always fresh and packaging is beautiful!  My entire flock loves Big Foot Foodie and their calming nuggets and calcium nuggets work well you can see a difference with the first few nuggets in your bird! Exceptional customer service – thank you Big Foot Foodie for bringing exceptional products to market for our birds! “

Oneta M Carter, Avian Nutritionalist & Trainer