Favorite VENDORS

A Winged Expression

Custom made bird harnesses.  No hardware on the bird’s body and doesn’t go over their head!  Go To A Winged Expression

Artist and Pet Portraitist

Her work is unbelievably realistic and catches your companion’s spirit.  Go To Feathers and Fur

Bennett IMPS Cages

Lifetime caging system for our lifetime companions!  Their only limitations are your available dimensions. (go to the Albums to see some of what they’ve  done)  Go To Bennett IMPS

Bird Butler

The BEST avian water bottle option!  (avoid inevitable bacteria issues in your bird)  Go To Bird Butler

Birdie Box Bird Toys

Untreated bird safe toys!  Also has a wonderful, fully balanced, sprout mix and a great calming herb mix.  Go To Birdie Box Toys


MacawLove specializes in handcrafted furniture to give excitement to your parrots and aviaries!  Lifetime toys for the larger beaks.  Go To MacawLove

Quilled Artist

Quilled Parrot and Animal cards.  Go To Quilled Art