*** Foodieos – A Multi-purpose Food Item! ***

Foodieos were originally created as a non-nut TREAT for my naked B&G, Lola.  Sometimes I gave them whole and sometimes cut in half or quarters as a TRAINING AID.  I have also used them in the flock’s regular dinner MEALs.  Another clever use is to use them as RX AIDS!  If you are uncomfortable syringing medications or just want another way to deliver the dose, syring it onto the Foodieo flavor of your choice and it will quickly obsorb!  Shop Foodieos

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NEW: Rescue Remedy

Natural Stress relief for birdie mammas and pappas.  I LOVE this stuff!  Especially good during all the pandemic stress we are experiencing.  Homeopathic relief, takes the edge off, gentile and effective.  If your stress is super high, you would want to take it more frequently, even hourly.  It is the frequency that works not the quantity. Go to RR

Rescue Remedy