NEW: Rescue Remedy

Natural Stress relief for birdie mammas and pappas.  I LOVE this stuff!  Especially good during all the pandemic stress we are experiencing.  Homeopathic relief, takes the edge off, gentile and effective.  If your stress is super high, you would want to take it more frequently, even hourly.  It is the frequency that works not the quantity. Go to RR

Rescue Remedy

NEW Nugget!!!

Bunny Nuggets:

What a great way to have a little HAPPINESS with your bird!  Made primarily with papaya and mango.

For the coming months, looking forward to “New Beginnings” since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, and Big Foot Foodie’s commitment to “Building Their Beauty From The Inside Out” we will be sending this item in a gift bag packed with crinkle cut.  After you take the product bag out you can give your birds the gift bag and crinkle to play with!!!  Go to Bunnies