Bird Butler Valve Adjustment…

Here is a copy of the instructions emailed to me from the original owner of the company to make an adjustment on the drip of the Bird Butler:

“The valves are actually quite simple in design.  There really isn’t much that can go wrong with them.   

If you look at the top of the valve, you will see a little water drop and a big water drop.  Unscrew the valve and there is a white nylon nut that can be turned one way or the other to adjust the water flow.  This usually does not need to be done with the stainless steel valves, as the valves are tested at the factory.   If you unscrew the nylon nut all the way out, you will see a blue gasket with holes in it.  The valve stem is behind it.  When the stem moves in any direction water is released through the holes in the blue gasket.  With no water being released, there are only two ways that this can happen.  One is that the nut is too tight.  The other reason is that shipping in the heat of the summer with no water in the bottle , the little blue gasket might have stuck to the end of the valve stem.  Simply remove the gasket and replace it and that problem is solved.  If you try this, you should be up and running in about 5 minutes. “


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